Sunday, September 14, 2008

Religious Outrage at a Video Game

I am conflicted about writing this post. The reason is that it would give credence to something that I absolutely do not want to promote or allude too. It is a video game that is insulting to all people of religious backgrounds. Although the direct attack is on Muslims, its content is blasphemous to anybody who believes in a higher deity; the All Powerful God.

It is a simple video game available for downloading whereas you blast away at so-called Muslim turbaned terrorists. As you reach higher levels, you get to kill Osama Bin Laden, and then, (may Allah forgive the insane amongst humanity), The All Powerful.

The creator is a simpleton who is a hate-monger and imbecile. They attempt to antagonize everyone who believes in God at an insane attempt at black, heartless comedy. They should be charged by the international community as a criminal within the ranks of Hitler, Stalin, and every other dictator. His actions are inexcusable. He attempts to gain his 15 minutes of fame, by being even more procatitive than the Danish cartoonist.

You would have noticed than I did not mention the title of this video game. No doubt that with a little bit of internet searches, the entripising amongst you would be able to find out about it. However, I do not want to give it credibility by mentioning it, thus making more aware of this obscure person and his ridiculous message.

May this person come back to their senses and repent. There is no value-added from this attempt. His skills and imagination can be utilized without antagonizing all religious people. After all, Allah is just the Arabic word for God. Muslims believe in the same God as Christians and Jews.

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Oddly the flip side to that coin is found here:

Lots of crazy people in this world w/ too much time on their hands