Saturday, November 8, 2008

Camping in the Desert


This post is directed to all of you that currently live in any of the GCC countries. Yesterday, I attended a safari (desert trip) which was organized by a colleague of mine on an individual initiative. It was great fun, except for the fall that I had on the ATV, but that is another story. About 30 colleagues and their friends were there which definitely added to the fun. There are three general categories of desert campers which I will refer to as a) hard-core, b) experienced, and c) rookies (aka tourists).

The rookies are the ones whom I feel are missing out on something beautiful and great that exists right in their backyard which they do not really appreciate. They come out only if others encourgage them to do so. They are apprehensive about the whole adventure and have been "softened" by the luxury of Dubai to enjoy roughing it in the wild. Their initial experience and their attitude to the minor problems that pop up (4x4 getting stuck, minor injuries, missing stuff, ruined food due to sand, and ruined mobiles) determine whether they never try it out again or look forward to graduating to experienced status.

The "experienced" of which I am one, have been on several outdoors adventures in the past and have come to appreciate it. They know the advantages and beauty of going camping and love the chance to tag-along. They have the essentials available in their homes and can get ready in a short period of time. After all, all you need as bare essentials are: a sleeping bag, a small tent, flashlight, change of clothes with a sweater or jacket, a rubbish bin, and the company of at least one hard-core camper.

The hard-core campers are the ones who do this activity regularly over the weekend during the 6 months of the year when the weather is pleasant enough. They have a 4X4 and know how to go dune-bashing. They also know how to solve the minor problems that will always pop up. They have at least one ATV or off-road motorcylce (or dune buggy or similar thing). They have a first aid kit with them. They have the tucking ropes, extra petrol containers, a mini barbque set. They know the spots and have been there so many times. They are the leaders of the expidition and their attitude can make it extremely pleasant for all the people joining the expedition.

The advantages of camping in the desert are:
1) Great de-stressing activity
2) Appreciating the simples luxuries of life
3) Men going back to the rough and wild times.

So, enjoy camping people and be sure to invite me to your next camping outing.

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