Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Cancellation of New Years Festivities in Dubai

Apparently, Sheikh Mohammed, the Ruler of Dubai, has cancelled all New Year Fesitivities in Dubai in solidarity with the suffering of the Gaza people who are currently being murdered by the treachourous and racist Zionist.

While I admire this effort, I sincerely hope that the Westerners in Dubai will appreciate this initiative and be understanding of the reasons behind it. After all, they do live in a Middle Eastern country and should have share some of our regional concerns. This will hopefully encourage some of them to realize the justness of the Palestianian cause. In fact, if a simple minority of them are inspired to try and find out more about what is happening regionally and why, then it will be a success. However, I am afraid that the majority in Dubai will whine about this decision.

Will other Arab nations do the same? Unfortunately, I think not.

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