Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Clue to Birthday Bash Location

Dear Friends (not Best Friends Forever which is another contest being conducted in Dubai at the same time);

Your first clue to the birthday party celebration is in the two paragraphs below. It will be fun for you to try and solve it. Give it a go and you should be fine. Pilots, cabin crew and military personnel have an advantage. I will be there at 9pm. Thus, give me a call by 8:30pm if you still have not figured it out. In addition, please feel free to read my blog and comment on the different opinions expressed. I look forward to it. See u soon and let us live it up before the Dubai Blues sets in.

Sierra looked up as she heard the echo off the valley. It was some distance away and she could not be sure of the words, although they sounded familiar. The language was not English which was her mother tongue. Where was Victor when you needed him she thought in frustration. Although Palestinian, he had lived in Calcutta, India and Lima, Peru for a number of years and spoke 8 different languages fluently. Then she remembered a trick her Body Combat instructor, also from Lima, had taught her.

"I have found out what the echo is telling me," smiled Sierra.

Did you?

Another clue (you can solve either one independently) is

c2is o slamelte ve 9

This is simple code used by Julius Ceasar to submit secret messages. A hint is that it is composed of 16 characters. So the number 16 will help you out. Again, if you cannot figure it out before the party, call me.

A present will be offered to the first person who is able to figure out both puzzles. Will it be you?

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